Advantages Of Waterjet Cutting

Materials can be cut using very many methods. Some of these methods are very simple whereas others are very complicated. The decision on which method to be used is determined by the material being cut. The method that has gotten a lot of attention these days is waterjet cutting. Click for more info about Waterjet Cutting. There are two waterjet cutting methods available namely pure and abrasive waterjet cutting. Pure waterjet cutting involves cutting materials such as foam or paper using a water stream for cutting. Granular is added to the water stream in abrasive waterjet cutting so as to increase the power of the water stream thus allowing materials such as metal to be cut. A lot of firms today are moving to the use of waterjet cutting as opposed to other cutting methods in a bid to be better than their competitors. Waterjet cutting has a lot of advantages and some of them are discussed in this article.
The first benefit of waterjet cutting is that there are no material limitations. This method is very versatile and only a small number of materials cannot be cut using this method. Other cutting methods are used on few materials and this has contributed to the growing popularity of waterjet cutting since a lot of companies choose to use this method as it allows them to cut more materials. The only exception to this method is tempered glass. Materials such as marble, aluminium, plastics, composites, rubber and steel are a few examples of the materials that are cut using waterjet cutting.
The second advantage of waterjet cutting is that there are no heat affected zones after cutting. This is because it uses cold cutting technology. See more here. This thereby means that there are always clean cuts on materials. Cold cutting also increases the safety of an operator by completely eliminating the risk of burns.
There is almost a hundred percent precision in the cutting of materials using waterjet cutting. This is because the cutting is usually controlled by a computer software thereby eliminating the chances of mistakes. Because this method does not use heat like the others, there are no distortions or warping around the edges of materials. This is the reason why it is used to accurately cut arts that other methods may not cut accurately. Waterjet cutting is also very environmental friendly. This is because there are no gases released to the environment since rather than use oils like other methods, a waterjet is used. This explains why a lot of companies are moving to this technology and why you should consider moving there. Learn more from

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